A Better Way To Manage Your Online Reputation And Patient Relationships In Central New Jersey


When Doctor-Patient Relationships Matter

The relationship between a healthcare professional and patients always matters.

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  • Forging Doctor-Patient Communication

    HumanizeMD, a hyper-local Central New Jersey patient referral website, offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to introduce themselves to patients who are searching for physicians.

  • Robust SEO & Technology

    Likewise, HumanizeMD provides an extraordinary way for patients to “meet” prospective physicians online. This genuine, unprecedented communication creates lasting healthcare connections.

  • Take Control

    Why become a sponsor on HumanizeMD? Plain and simple, credible research shows patients want to know more about the human beings behind the DR title before they make an appointment.

HumanizeMD Main Features

Research shows that patients, while searching online for a doctor or other healthcare provider, want relatable content to help them in their decision-making process. They want to know you, the person beyond the white coat, beyond the insurance your office accepts, beyond professional credentials.

Forging doctor-patient communication in Central New Jersey, one conversation at a time

At the end of the day, we are all people who thrive on communication. HumanizeMD provides an incredible way for healthcare professionals to “speak” directly to prospective patients. They get to know you and are able to feel comfortable with you, compelling them to make an appointment.

HumanizeMD allows you to take control of the conversation. You’re in a position to introduce yourself through a personalized profile. Our writers interview you and craft custom profiles offering a personalized view of each and every doctor on your team.

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Dr and Patient
HumanizeMD Mobile

Information is Power: The Robust SEO and Technology Behind HumanizeMD

HumanizeMD is powered by a vibrant database of more than 7,000 local healthcare providers. With the ability to search by condition and medical category, patients in Central New Jersey can learn about healthcare provider options and choose who they want to make an appointment with for healthcare needs.

  • Patients Find You: We are serious about Search Engine Optimization. Your profile will be optimized in accordance with industry best practices to make sure patients are able to find you on HumanizeMD.com and on Google.
  • Hyper-Local: HumanizeMD is optimized for any healthcare provider-practice looking to attract patients from Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Somerset and Ocean. The website is optimized for searches by category, more than 1,800 conditions and hyperlocal, geo-targeted areas.
  • User Friendly: With a creative, engaging design, HumanizeMD offers a great user experience. This is critical to attracting patients and compelling them to return again and again.
  • Mobile-optimized! According to Google, more than 60 percent of all web searches are made using mobile devices.
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Take Control of Your Online Reputation

We know. We know. Fake testimonials and reviews, coupled with meaningless rating systems, do nothing but confuse potential patients. HumanizeMD is a one-stop solution for Online Reputation Management.

Tight Controls: There is no place for outside ratings on HumanizeMD. We won’t permit “imposters” to rate providers. HumanizeMD’s mission is to provide patients with factual, compelling reasons to choose you for their healthcare needs.

Patient Satisfaction: HumanizeMD’s “Real Dr.’s-Ratings” tool allows doctors to  use your real patient ratings and testimonials for your HMD profiles. Factual  patient satisfaction information help you manage your practice and set the record straight for you when patients make the final decision to call.

HumanizeMD offers a powerful value proposition for patients and, in turn, for sponsor healthcare professionals, By providing personal and relatable profile information on the doctor or provider, HumanizeMD helps to “tip the scale” in your favor when professional credentials, insurances accepted and hospital affiliations come together in a dizzying array of information.

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More Reasons to Be a Sponsored HumanizeMD Healthcare Provider

HumanizeMD is all about creating a comfortable community where healthcare professionals and patients about to communicate.

As a HumanizeMD provider, your personalized profile offers the first step toward an ongoing friendly doctor-patient relationship. It’s a wonderful way to introduce yourself in your own words.

However, your HMD sponsorship offers so much more.

From a photo gallery to a meet-the-team section to a spotlight on your social media platforms and encouraging community interaction, HumanizeMD provides many ways for prospective patients to connect with your practice.

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