Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is

For Patients and Caregivers: We help you with a difficult decision. Will I connect with this Doctor or healthcare professional? HumanizeMD provides you with deep profiles of participating doctors in your community, and assists you in choosing the best option for your care.

For the Practice Professional: is a way for prospective and existing patients to get to know you more fully, to build trust and connect you to your patients and community. Unlike national directories with anonymous reviews and ratings, we provide deep content to tell your story.

For the Healthcare Facility: HumanizeMD brings your facility and its capabilities to patients who are evaluating their care options, but may not find or visit your own website.

2. Why do I need

For the Practice Professional: Healthcare is evolving. Information about your practice is available, but likely not in ways that you control. 54% of younger millennials seek on-line information to help choose a physician. They seek comfort in their selection. Many sites will list a directory with your practice and anonymous reviews. HumanizeMD can provide positive, professionally produced third party information to show patients who you are, and allow them to relate to you on a personal level. The cumulative impact of our market focus will be more powerful from an SEO and traffic standpoint than any individual practice website would likely achieve.

3. Who is it for?

Doctors seeking new patients.

Practices where patients have a choice of provider. Practices where ‘who you are’ matters to the people you are serving.

  • Facilities that have a unique approach
  • Facilities that are supporting population health initiativests who may not necessarily know what type of doctor or provider would treat their respective issue.

4. How does it differ from Zocdoc, Healthgrades, and WebMD?

Zocdoc is a scheduling service with a national directory attached. Healthgrades is a scoring service with a national directory attached. WebMD is a medical library with a directory national attached.

These are fine sites with a purpose. They are not:

Local: We attract those looking within their own area, Central New Jersey. We look to show how our clients connect with their community.

Filled with Professional Content: These sites limit most information about your practice to statistics. We assign professional writers to celebrate your uniqueness and expertise.

TruRatings: These sites offer randomly produced reviews, and star systems. We offer full 100% patient satisfaction surveys, and allow you to share the best attestations online.

5. Will I get real leads and how will that work?

We drive patients to landing pages and generate communication to your office. Every visitor can interact with you in the way best suited for your practice.

6. Will there be a search engine for doctor categories only?

Patients will be able to search by various categories of care. Yes, they will be able to search by specialty, but patients who may not know the difference between an internist and a family practice will have other ways to find you. For example, searching by condition or symptom. 7. Will there be a search by illness type? Yes. We will have a library of conditions for patients who may not necessarily know what type of doctor or provider would treat their respective issue.


8. I already have a great website with a complete profile and description of all of our doctors, so why do I need HMD?

Congratulations, a good website is hard to do well and harder to maintain. However, patients may not come to you directly. They are first looking for what others say about you. HumanizeMD allows your practice professionals to be featured and separately celebrated in ways that may drive patients to your site, or to simply call your office.

9. We spend a lot on SEO already.

Why would I want to do this and wouldn’t I be competing with myself? No. Given the traffic of your site, you may never get to the top of the ratings on a search, especially one that is not specific to your practice. “Cardiologist near Holmdel, #1 on a Google search, gets 17% of the clicks. You are competing with 83% or more of the other results. HumanizeMD has the deep content on practices with a continuing spend on updating content to maximize SEO for your practice and the site in general.

10. With so many categories, how do you plan to SEO and have your site be ranked, especially in the very saturated categories?

We are not concerned with national searching in a category. Local, however, is where we expect to rise in the ratings. There are thousands of Dermatologists nationally but there are not many in Central Jersey with the deep content and connection to the community that we have. We believe strongly that our featured doctors will fare very well as our audience builds.

11. How are you going to come up in the rankings for specific areas for specific specialties?

Let’s ask Google: Ok Google How can I improve my search rankings in a category? This is the actual answer from Google…

Top 4 ways: ( all core to the HumanizeMD strategy )

1) Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content.
2) Update Your Content Regularly.
3) Metadata.
4) Have a link-worthy site.

12. Will HMD come up and list the Drs. in that category like I see when Healthgrades come up locally?


13. What is SEO Boost? How does that work? Is that a boost on the site only or with Google?

Boost is our way of telling you we will dedicate SEO resources to your practice and landing pages on the site. Without it you still get our great content, revisions and tags, but with it we will have a human SEO expert spending time tweaking your profile to maximize your rankings both within the site and on Google and all search engines.

14. When someone is searching Google for my specialty, will they be taken directly to my profile?

They may be. The site will allow Google to drive directly to landing pages.

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